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Investor Relations

Immediate Reports

SavorEat's Successful completion of Pilot with Sodexo at U Denver

SavorEat 2.0 Commercial Model Update

Egg N' Up Grant Request Approval by Israel Innovation Authority

Commencement of U.S. Activity Launch in Partnership with Sodexo 7.9.23

Completion of Regulatory and Standardization Procedures for the 'Robot Chef' System (Type 1.1) Designated for the US Market 3.9.23

Immediate Report 18.12.22

SavorEat Subsidiary Egg'N'Up Enters into Production & Supply Services Agreement

SavorEat Pre-Commercial Reveal at ironSource, with Yarzin Sella

Machine 1.1 Arrives to Denver Campus for Pilot with Sodexo

SavorEat Hebrew University Pilot Sept 2022

SavorEat announces Sodexo pilot site locations

Completed research and development processes for two new products (14 July 22)

First Product Reveal to U.S. Market of the Company's Plant-Based Burger and ‘Robot-Chef’ System

SavorEat concludes its first commercial reveal (16 Jan. 22)

SavorEat has begun preparation for the production of a Robot-Chef adapted to the US market (04 Jan. 22)

SavorEat is presenting it's uniqe technology for the general public for the first time ever 28.12.21

SavorEat join forces with the premium dining services group Yarzin-Sella 08.11.21

Millennium Food-Tech will lead investment round in SavorEat subsidiary Egg-n-up 06.10.21

SavorEat appoints the Chair of Sodexo North America as a strategic advisory Board member 06.10.21

SavorEat Partners with Sodexo to commercialize the company’s plant-forward Robot Chef at universities in the U.S. 26.08.21

SavorEat successfully concludes consumers tasting tests 29.06.21

SavorEat scale-up trial 03.06.21

SavorEat and Millennium Food-Tech are singling out the growing global egg substitutes market 04.05.21

Manufacturing & Distribution Agreement 07.04.21

SavorEat's plant-based egg substitute - initial R&D process 06.04.21

SavorEat nears production of its Robot-Chef 21.03.21

Patent Certificate from the Australian Commissioner of Patents 17.02.21