Racheli Vizman is the CEO & Co-Founder of SavorEat – a disruptive foodtech company, publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. A Co-Founder and Board member of Egg’n’Up (Subsidiary), and biotechnologist and chemist by academic training, Racheli previously served as COO of Beyond Air™ (formerly called AIT), a clinical-stage medical device and biopharmaceutical company.


Imagine food tailored and personalized and even created for your exact nutritional needs.

Everyone is unique, and so are our dietary and nutritional needs. We digest and process food differently through thousands of metabolic reactions.


Unique nutritional needs

And yet, for far too long, the food industry has been controlled by a handful of companies. In fact, only 10 companies control almost every large food and beverage brand worldwide. So too, it is with the meat market, 4 companies control the meat market almost entirely. Should the food of so many be in the hands of so few corporates?

We believe that the future of wellness and of food are PERSONAL.

The data is clear. An Epsilon study showed that 80% of consumers prefer brands that offer personalization.

A McKinsey & Company study found that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 61% get frustrated when it doesn’t happen.

Think about this in your own life – how much happier are you when a brand or shopping experience seemingly goes that ‘extra mile’ just for you – and tailors to your specific needs? They see YOU, the individual. Think of Amazon’s product recommendations or Netflix’s movie recommendations.

And while countless studies have shown that making apps personalized improved the user experience and retention – there are very few, if any, who take the next step and actually allow the user to personalize the nutritional content of their meal. When was the last time your nutrition app cooked a meal to your preferences?


And this extends well into food service.

Restaurants and food service providers can no longer ignore the customer demand for designed experiences and variety when it comes to ordering and dining options.

So this is the paradigm shift and disruption we are looking to help advance in the food industry. It’s a fundamental shift of control from a few companies deciding on and processing our food choices – to a world where control is placed in the hands of the consumer: designing and ordering their meals based on unique and personal needs.

We need to see the entire individual – her sleep patterns, exercise, diet… all are intertwined. Consumers are weighing a new set of factors and choosing food and beverage products that promote their health and wellness. And food companies need to respond.

So imagine you go to your favorite restaurant or burger chain – you scan your phone above the order interface, and you’re prompted with a suggestion for your usual plant-based personalized meal plus some recommended sides based on machine learning. You design your order, the restaurant’s system learns it; and your plant-based burger with no onions and extra iron is digitally-created before your eyes and cooked on the spot. And you savor every delicious, personalized bite.


Restaurant of the Future

It’s a good day for you and for the restaurant. Their kitchen benefitted from greater efficiency; because you spent less time at the point of sale, the front-of-house restaurant staff had more time to interact with guests as needed, ensuring their experience was seamless and great.

This is today in some places. In some, it’s tomorrow or the day after. Across geographies and restaurant types – this is the restaurant of the future.